Cherish Marquez

Cherish Marquez builds complex imaginary worlds through interactive animation and game design. She is calling attention to issues of immigration and oppression by incorporating sociopolitical symbolism and religious iconography. Her work focuses on the deconstruction of colonialism which is projected through religion, such as Catholicism. She does this by deconstructing physical objects and turning them into new symbols that represent her identity. Her work operates from a queer Latinx perspective and is heavily subjected on living in the in-between. She combines the digital world with the physical world, often combining handmade objects that act as interfaces to control the worlds she fabricates.

 Her work acts as the mediation between these two worlds, hoping to build the gap from her cultural upbringings to her study in technology. She creates a magic that is felt through her work which often times is echoed through surrealist landscapes and animations that confront the viewer. Her work reflects on the corporeality between the physical and the metaphysical, allowing the viewer to navigate through a fictional landscape of uncanny beauty, danger, redemption, and the unknown. She also has experience in digital fabrication, creative coding, and wearables. Within all of these different mediums, her work is recognized through her unique designs that carry her personality and message throughout her work. Cherish Marquez challenges the viewer in questioning their connection with themselves and the world around them. She is hoping to guide the viewer to acknowledge the connections we feel throughout the natural world and the digital world.